Cadoc is back!

Cadoc is back!

Limited return!

Due to some historical reasons, we had not completed the construction of when Cadoc was released. So Cadoc was not available for sale on of February 24, all Cadocs in mainland China have been issued and delivered.

Recently we have received a lot of emails asking how to purchase Cadoc. In order to satisfy everyone's enthusiasm for Cadoc, we decided to put a small amount of Cadoc reserved for the exhibition on the official website.

Since Cadoc has been sold in mainland China, all Cadoc re-listed on are not re-produced reprints.

The style of Bad guys on street is different from Hey Bro and Delusional. It has a more distinctive personality and a stronger story.

Players who like this series can follow badguys_on_street on instagram.

We hope international players will love him.