Walcome to 13th block

Walcome to 13th block

We really appreciate for your continuous attention to the 13th Block.

The 13th Block is an independent brand focusing on the design and production of 1/6th scale vogue posable figures.

With the brand concept of Feel Free, we are committed to bringing the 1/6th scale vogue posable figures with high compatibility and freedom to all the players and collectors.

It has been two years and three months since our first product, Hey bro vol001 Haco & HeiHei Jacket, was released. We have been feeling the enthusiasm and love of many overseas players for Haco.

Unfortunately, due to some unknown reasons, we have been banned from FOUR accounts on Ins, which led us to be at a loss and even dare not reply to messages on Ins.

In 2023, except for the limited edition of the exhibition, we will reserve a part of all subsequent products for sale as overseas independent versions. Different from the pre-sale mode of the limited version in Chinese Mainland, all overseas version products will be sold in stock in the future.


So far, the 13th Block has 4 products series.


One of the full set series is Hey bro Series, which is mainly in the style of Sweet wear and Hip-hop.

Then comes the Bad Guys on street series, which is a motorcycle riding style full set figure with Americanatro, Amekaii, MODS and TweedRunstyle as the main suit styles.

Next is the Delusional Syndrome series. This is a co-branded full set series, whose clothing style is trying to express the role emotion.

Finally, the Outfit series, which is a doll clothing accessories package without style restrictions.

All clothing accessories of this independent clothing series will be adapted to the shape of our self-developed body of our own products. In the future, we will combine more brands that focus on fashion ready-to-wear suit and the fashion doll clothing to show our brand concept of Feel Free and bring more and more 1/6th scale posable figures to players.

We hope that the 13th Block can take you into the colorful world of 1/6th 12inch fashion action figures.

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