Jago is coming!

Jago is coming!

Today we have the good news!

After Hey bro vol001 Haco & HeiHeiHei Jacket, the production of the overseas version of Hey bro vol002 Jago & Double Treat is nearing the end. This time, we can finally deliver the product to you!

Jago&Double Treat is the second product in the Hey bro product series. The most attractive features of this product are the double-sided co-branded jacket and the two head sculptures with moveable hair. In addition, we have increased the number of accessories and improved the quality, such as Jack, a pet dog with a rotating head, and a miniature magic cube that can be really played. Of course, the fun of Jago also needs to be explored by players after they get the product.

We will produce all overseas versions of Jago in stock at the end of March, and then they will be available on www.13thblock.com. All players whose shipping address is not in Chinese Mainland can place an order to purchase. Due to the scale of the studio, the overseas version will also be sold in a limited way. www.13thblock.com will be the only overseas distribution channel and the overseas version will never be sold again.

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